I have worked in the technology and client relationship space for over 20 years and built a breadth of experience at major consultancies, financial services organizations, and creative e-commerce shops. Glass Box Research has given me a rewarding way of implementing technology to directly influence both our own business as well as those of our clients. We have built solutions that allow us to analyze large quantities of data intelligently and more quickly while clearly visualizing the findings in intuitive ways.

One of the ways that we stay ahead of the curve is by leveraging the latest thinking offered by open source software. This software allows us to be nimble and build custom solutions for ourselves and our clients while not needing to reinvent the wheel. Starting with a foundation of tried-and-true approaches, open source software enables us to stand on the shoulders of giants to create tailored solutions that give our clients a real competitive edge.

Outside the office, I enjoy aviation. I’m pleased to have found a way of incorporating my passion for travel in ways that strengthen our connections with our clients by enabling us to see them more frequently.