Alcoholic Beverages

The Client

VP Global Insights & Innovation: “We appreciated the honesty and integrity of Glass Box Research. They built a very elegant solution that creatively incorporated our existing intellectual capital. With an intuitive model in hand, we worked with Glass Box Research to launch it globally. We are currently using their segmentation framework around the world to inform everything from marketing to product innovations.”

The Question

How to best array the client’s vast portfolio of existing products while simultaneously identifying new opportunities to grow the business?

The Solution

A comprehensive segmentation framework explaining brand choices from varying perspectives:

  • Highest level – fundamental psychological Need to satisfy (i.e. “Why they are doing it”)
  • Mid level – specific Action people take to fulfill those Needs (i.e. “What they do”)
  • Micro level – detailed Occasion/Situation (i.e. “When/where/who”)

The Results

  • A robust model that accounts for various country/cultural contexts and can be seamlessly shared throughout the client’s organization
  • Brands are now developed and nurtured in order to best satisfy people’s intrinsic desires